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Today’s digital era gives you easy, fun making movies is no longer owned by a handful of people. Because of the growing film as the rapid growth of digital technology. Not to mention, minus septum in movie marketing. All people are free to publish the works of film, among others, through a number of suppliers of video sites like Multiply and Live Leak. You tube and much more.

Who is not familiar with indie film festivals in the country call it in between LA Lights Indie Movie is the largest independent film community event in Indonesia. Event ideas Garin Nugroho is one of the brave indie film events and consistently provide the budget to the new faces to finance production of their first short film production, even if they do not have a film background whatsoever.
LA Lights Indie Movie is indeed a place to recruit talent from the film maker of the most fundamental aspect, ie, patterns of thought and creativity of making stories. In this context LA Lights Indie Movie is expected to open the door of opportunity for the seeds of a fresh new filmmaker.

LA Lights Indie Movie which is the result of cooperation between the LA event and SET Film Workshop Lights that begins with the program LA Lights Short Story Competition, described Fira (staff promotion LA Lights Indie Movie) afternoon in Movie Trailer (17 / 1) with the theme ‘Eksisitensi Indie Film Festival and Contributions. ” Festival actually like this in the beginning “The digital age allows us to work on a film project with a cheap and easy,” said Fira citing by Garin Nugroho the festival.

Furthermore, Indie Movie Festival is one event to develop appreciation of the work of young film. Film festival, young energy is incredible. News of violence was too much, but the news does not show creativity. Such regions develop extraordinary creativity of young children, when yes there is a short film workshops from the LA Lights Indie Movie in Palembang? Ask Diki line through sms, blushed as he said to the palembang Fira, generally in the Sumatran is, yes we have a plan in 2010 was just a workshop but not for the festival, because we are more consent to the festival is still in big cities first. Close Fira.

While the festival is no less cool and unique in the homeland “Hellofest” also describes the role of an indie film festival. In represented by “Aditya” its president Hellofest, adit said greeting familiar indie spirit developed among the community of film enthusiasts. The spirit that created the peculiarity among the young creators of the film, which is a spirit of independence without bond pragmatic and capital market constraints. Especially us from Hellofest which refers to the short film.

While in this Hellofest asked what kind of festival? Aditya also explained HelloFest a Motion Picture Arts festival, which was attended by KostuMasa (Viewers costumed), surrounded by bazaars action figure with a peak to watch the show together work Indonesia creators such as Mira and Riri Riza, the presence of 6-year-old with the all age young people between 15-30′s, he believed Hellofest able to embrace a filmmaker in the world of this nation, ending obrolanya adit also emphasized that the emergence of this indie film festival as an appreciation and a party of Indonesian cinema industry, especially, became one of the means of self-development of the young man film.

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