Top 10 Songs That Contain The Sounds of Animals

It is sometimes difficult to imagine whether human beings and animals can combine to produce wonderful sounds that people can appreciate. This post will try to highlight some instances where such combinations have been able to turn out to be fantastic.

The Beach Boys – Caroline No

At the last part of this song there was the sound of a dog barking. The barking sound was able to blend into the original sound of the song in a perfect way. Brain Wilson had always had the idea of wanting to integrate the sounds of animals into his songs in this album.

Work It – Missy Elliot

This is more like innuendo as Missy Elliot decided to include the animal sound in her rhymes rather than the beat itself. This method was also used by Christina Aguilera in one of her songs as she decides to include it in her rhymes.

Run The Jewels – Meowrly

The result of an appeal to their fans to release a remix album that would have the noises of cats in the background. They got what they requested for and it resulted in Meow The Jewels as an album; a purrfect in nature.

Baauer – Harlem Shake

This song was famous for the being able to integrate the sound of a lion roaring. It deserves some credit for such as Katy Perry who sang a song about roaring failed to include such a sound.

The Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist

Two animals were managed to be combined into one in this instance. At the beginning of this song there was a horse whinnying. Also in the middle, there was the sound of a talking parrot.

Jane’s Addiction – Being Caught Stealing

The sounds of animals are included in songs to demonstrate that something strange is actually about to happen. This was what this song tried to show. Credit should be given to them for their creativity. At the beginning there was the sound of a dog barking indicating that someone uninvited is around the house.

Deadmau5 – Strode

This had the clattering sound of the tail of a rattlesnake. There are others that have used such sound in the past to catch the attention of their audiences. For instance; in the ghost song by the doors there was the sound of a rattlesnake.

Ratat – Wildy Cat

This was the height of creativity as the song was able live up to expectations. There were scary sounds of extremely wild cats. Not only that, as the sound was also danceable due to its warm nature. You can call this one a combination of nature and creativity.

Stump – Charlton Heston

This is more like an odd song which was produced from only three sounds. Amongst the sounds you have the frog burps and also cicadas’ chirruping. They were sounds which represented the plagues suffered by the people of Egypt in the bible.

The Beatles – Good Morning Good Morning

This group was very much used to animals as they have used the sounds of pigs, dogs, birds and so on. Their highest combination of animal sounds came in one of John Lennon’s tracks. They had this unusual combinations of the sounds of different animals. You can see dazzled ode to humdrum life by John Lennon.

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