Preparation of Film Production

Referring to the profession on the whole production process, here are some explanations about the production process in film production management.

1. Pre Production and Development

Pre-production is a preparatory stage before the activity begins filming. This process will determine the smoothness of filmed later. Therefore this process must be run with the best. There are several pre-production work on this, among which:
a. Election Style

Selection of film style that will be created should match the skill ability that we have. It should also be adjusted with the available budget. If not, then the outcome of the film that we make will not be maximal, maybe even a total failure. As for some of the style that we often see is:
1) Full animation (relying on the skill in the field of animation)
2) Full Cinematografi (relying on the skill in the field of cinematography)
3) The combination of both.

b. Selection of Theme and Story Idea

The theme is a visual outline that we will create. The selection done brainstorming themes. For example, the theme is nature, gothic, humor, and others. After getting the theme, then we make details in the form of synopsis. Many saw the reference is a very good thing. For some of us, reference is sometimes made us want to make something out of the reach of our skills. This sometimes makes the quality is the responsibility or ugly at all. The selection of ideas and references are consistent with our skills for the challenges remain. Do not get too caught up with the rules in making the film. In my experience, this could make a movie is not the same story with the rules of an other video.
In search of an idea for the synopsis, should take into account these important things:
1. Adjustments budget
2. Feel
3. Skill
4. See reference
5. and existing equipment

After the synopsis so, then made scripts, story boards, script director. According to the story board experience, although it is quite difficult to make but quite useful, just do not get caught up in this process, because sometimes making too time-consuming and less accurate when shooting conditions.
Director of the script is important enough for the director made to ease the implementation of the shooting. Director of the script is also very helpful in time efficiency and accuracy in visualizing the script. As for other formats in pre-prepare the design of this production are:

a. The idea and theme of the story
b. Synopsis
c. Outline
d. Scenario
e. Analysis of scenarios:
1. Message Analysis
2. Analysis of character
3. Analysis settings
4. Property Analysis
5. Wardrobe analysis
f. Breakdown & Sub breakdown
g. Hunting Plan
h. Hunting
i. Hunting Report (player, property, wardrobe, location, transportation, logistics, accommodation)
j. Director shot
k. Floor plan
l. Storyboard
m. Design process & schedule
n. Design budget
o. The concept of directing, art, camera, sound, editing
p. Estimated budget including art and camera into the design budget
q. List properties and wardrobe are included in hunting report
r. Crew list

c. Production Preparation
After the above process is running and completed, the next process is as follows:
– Formation of work teams
– Selection of talent and extract (by audition)
– Provision of art properties, costume etc.
– Search for the location and licensing
– Provision of filming equipment

The processes mentioned above are very important for smooth shooting. When one of the neglected, then the filming activity will be disrupted. Although we are working with a low budget but the above process must keep running. Cost savings usually be done in various ways, including by minimizing the number of crew (still no maximum limit). Or by using the facilities for free.

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