Peavey Riff Master Guitar Controller

Peavey introduces Riff Master Guitar Controller, which is like a guitar-sized Peavey guitar output, which is modified to played with the video games.

The Peavey RiffMaster Guitar Controller is made of maple wood, the neck is fixed to the five fret buttons color, between the fret-fret rosewood fretboard-original on it. Strum bar is placed on top of the pickup, which allows users to gently move from note to chord, without losing the beat. For that also, strings, strings removed. But on the headstock of his original tuners still attached to make it look more real.

Using ArtGuitar printing system that is usually used in making guitars in the Peavey Custom Shop (www., Peavey RiffMaster Guitar Controller embed various famous artist designs, such as Kiss, Pantera, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ozzy Osbourne and Megadeth. Fun, not long before gamers can also upload pictures of their own creations to the Peavey Custom Shop, to design their RiffMaster Guitar Controller messages.

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