Parker Guitars Gush Fly Mojo MIDI Guitar

Parker some time ago announced his new-made guitar midi labeled Midi Fly Mojo. Designed for the professional guitar player Midi combines cutting edge of innovative technology.

The Fly Mojo Midi is a feature of the Roland GK Kit GT3, which has integration with Roland V Guitar System, GR 20 Syntesizer or Boss Guitar Effect Series Pedal. Every connectivity GK-shaped plug and play.

This guitar is itself complemented by Symoir Duncan Jazz and JB pickups, Sperzel Trim loctuner and a Fisherman Piezo electronic system. Its construction is made of carbon glass epoxy fretboard by combining a single solid mahogany wood. Here are the features of this guitar:

* Support MIDI utilizing the Roland GK-KT Kit-GT3 divided Pickup
* Seymour Duncan Jazz (N) and JB (B) pickups, Exclusive Fishman Electronics System
* Solid one piece Mahogany body with a carbon glass epoxy fretboard
* Sperzel Trim-lok tuners
* Plug and Play integration with Roland V-Guitar System, GR-20 Guitar Synthesizer, or any BOSS GK-Series Effect Pedals

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