Make a Movie Script For Beginners (II-End)

In a previous post (part I), has described the scene diagrams and standards in the writing of the manuscript. Write a story seems simple but not easy. Although we are free here in exploring the imagination, but we must consider certain standards for the resulting story could be more attractive, weight and quality.
In practice, we do not close the possibility of a stalemate, may often arise the question of how to do next?
Therefore, in preparing the story is divided into 3 rounds as described in previous posts. Each round must explain the situation which later serves as a gateway to the next round. Thus, in each round there should be targets for a story that is built not out of the theme and tempo that is created does not seem so fast.
Below, I give examples of goals in each half. Check out all right 🙂


1. Create an interesting premise, should have a fresh strength.
2. Make sure the audience sided with the main character and supporting characters. And also vice versa, that is the main character hated enemy. Position your self as a weaver of dreams.
3. Do not be too many new characters introduced in the tempo is too fast.
4. There should be one thing that is very important for the stake, creating a huge risk.
5. Fishing audience with the main problems in your stories.
6. Enter events that stimulate the audience emotion.
7. Clarify purpose of the main character, and also explain what causes the main character wanted to achieve its objectives.
8. Look for an interesting moment to deflect the story into new directions that change the lives of main characters and deliver audiences into round 2.
9. Genre story should be clear, every event must be in accordance with the genre that carried. As reproduce comedy funny scenes in the story. Do not let a lot of comedy scenes of death in the story, unless the death was funny or cute.


1. Build your story again, take the risk of the first half and improved. Conflicts are created must grow stronger and sharper.
2. Invert the expectations, the main character forced to take greater risks.
3. Give a barrier, a higher difficulty and challenge that prevents the main character in pursuit of its objectives.
4. Do not be boring, do not talk too much. Use concise sentences meaningful, according to the depth of soul of the main character.
5. The main problem at this stage should reflect something terrible.
6. Keep always feel full of danger, threats and tensions.
7. Do not write dialogue to excess.
8. The main character must find themselves in a worse situation at the end of this round. He must exist in the critical period.
9. Protagonist and antagonist that you create must have a clear agenda, which has a large deviation or amplitude.


1. This round should feel like an insistence that flow so fast towards the end of the story lest something goes wrong.
2. Make the greatest moments in your story as a point of climax, you have to know the climax before writing the script, written from the end and go back to the beginning.
3. You must have the awareness and settlement. The parts that do not have a purpose, should be discarded.
4. Settlement is clear is the result of a positive decision on the crisis facing and the decision gives strength to the main character to achieve success at the climax of the story.
5. Make sure you clearly define the rules of the world you are building, scenes from beginning to end must be consistent.
6. Keep always feel full of danger, threats and tensions.

That the goals of each chapter the story is built. Hopefully useful.

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