Make a Movie Script For Beginners (I)

Movie world is endless. Fields like this are always promising prospects. That is why so many outstanding films with different market segmentation.
A film can not be separated from his movie script or in a language called Script or Screenplay. The manuscript itself can be removed from the real story (in the form of history, social life or something like that), there are lifted from the comics, novels, games, etc.. Making the script is usually done during the pre production of a movie. Before becoming a script, a story must be created first by a person or a group called the Creator, then made grooves and integrator elements of the story, and then Scriptwritter duty to write and record the script for his films, both animated and live action.
A script consists of several parts, the Title Page, Scene Heading, Action, Dialogue, parenthetical and Transition.

1. Title Page, is the title that will be the first guidelines for a producer to assess whether the manuscript is a professional maker or just an amateur.
2. Scene Heading, is a clue the beginning of a manuscript. The word used is “EXT. -” If the story is outside the room. And “INT. -” If the story were inside the room. Then followed the name of a place that must be written in capital.
3. Action, usually written 2 lines below the Scene Heading. Action is the picture that tells anything that will be seen in the movie and always in the situation now (Present Time). When introducing a character, that character should be written in capital.
4. Dialogue, represents everything that is spoken by a character or characters. Dialogue is characterized by the name of the speaker itself.
5. Parenthetical, is a description that explains everything that is done by a character or characters.
6. Transition, a short description to explain that the story moves from scene to another scene. Among them are, CUT TO: Dissolve TO; INTERCUT or INTERCUT WITH BETWEEN. While at the end of the story usually FADE OUT; IRIS OUT, etc..

A good script, will affect the film. Many examples, one of which is Kung Fu Panda is the toughest rival of Wall-E in the race for best animated film of 2009. There is also the desire of The Dark Knight beat Titanic’s record that has not been solved.

However, when we develop the story, we sometimes difficult to get an idea. Well, that story developed more easily, not rambling and disconnected, it should be made first before writing the script Scene Diagram

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