Keroncong Music of Indonesia

Keroncong music that became part of the musical culture of Indonesia, in which there is characteristic that contains the values of universal culture, as well as other music. Keroncong music has its own characteristics that are different from other musical forms that emerged from the blend of musical elements, musical accompaniment and presentation techniques.

Development of modern songs that become keroncong into modern keroncong. This idea blaze because of the saturation in listening to an old-style static keroncong. Modern Keroncong formed from; Indonesian pop songs, Western pop songs; semi-classical songs and Western and folk songs. All of them as a form of creativity of the musicians in an effort to improve quality, develop and preserve the music keroncong.

Denpasar Municipality as an object of study area is rich with potential in the field of arts and culture, one of which is the art of music keroncong. Music keroncong not been able to develop like other kinds of music, but music keroncong able to survive in the midst of society.

To improve the existence of government and various private parties still make the effort to preserve through competitions such as event PSR, BRTV election, and broadcasting through radio and television stations, both national and private.

In addition to the efforts mentioned above, the existence of hotels and restaurants provide a tremendous opportunity to further enhance its presence through regular performances and incidental. The existence of these efforts led music activities keroncong in Denpasar quite lively.

In particular aspects of musical aesthetics keroncong arise from a combination various aspects of both musical and non musical. The combination can be assessed as follows.

In general, the creative artists always have or expect a clear purpose. They have also considered whether performed only for aesthetic presentation, or simply as mere entertainment. If the aims as an aesthetic presentation, then an artist expects the audience. For entertainment purposes, hence the emphasis is the role and who want to entertain themselves. Thus it can be stated that the position of art in each community is different.

As one art form that developed in the community, the presence of keroncong music has several functions, namely: 1) the function of education 2) the function of entertainment, 3) economic function, 4) social function.

Education Functions

Works of art in the form of songs keroncong is one important medium for informal education for the community. Values education can be obtained through the lyrics / poems contained in the song. The community can understand the teachings of religion, manners and other teachings are useful in improving its existence.

Entertainment Functions

Music or song is one type of food for the needs of the human mind that are categorized as secondary needs. When they experience tension or saturation after completing a job, or are experiencing problems, by listening to music is one attempt to release the tension. Music is one of the entertainment is quite easy to be obtained either through radio, television, MP3, and Hand phone.

Economic Functions

Before becoming a commodity results, keroncong music is just as works of art that functions as a spiritual refreshment or entertainment in times are resting. However, its existence has now switching function, in addition to the entertainment function is also functioning economy. This is thanks to the touch of modern technology which is the result of popular culture that makes the songs began to show its existence through the form of presentation. Various forms of commodification was created to package the songs for well-known and popular in society. Packaging in the form of cassettes and VCDs has received rave reviews from the community, especially for fans of the songs keroncong. His best-selling circulation of tapes and VCDs are not just beneficial for the owners of capital that is the studio recording, but the singer, musician and songwriter also feel involved in terms of material benefit.

Social Functions

The expressions of art, both the art of “noble civilization” and the “entertainment” in addition to having aesthetic value would also have social functions (Edi Sedyawati, 2006:131). Social function in the arts can be seen from the contents contained in a form of art that aims to influence the public or the audience can do for the social to the surrounding environment.

Social function in the music keroncong, can be seen from the role keroncong songs are sung for the benefit of society. such as in the activities of celebration, weddings. With the aim to entertain the guests who attended the event.

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