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The term indie is derived from the independent or free. Is one of the alternative youth movement, especially in the field of music. The young are trying to get out of the benchmark standard of the music industry in general that tends to uniform.

Revolution is always color the indie world, make indie music will still survive. Although to be great is not something easy, but the indie world will still survive in a way that creative and independent way.

Not much different from the indie world in the field of music, the indie bloggers the same way. As I wrote in previous posts, there are no specific rules in writing a blog. Here we are really able to explore creativity freely independent.

Until now the media giant media in Indonesia is still used as a benchmark of success of a writer. A new writer can be considered a great and recognized the writer owner status if his work was able to penetrate one or more of these big media. This is a differentiator.

Some of the benefits of writing on the blog by writing in the media big media:
1. Writing on the blog is definitely loaded, because we own that became the determining.
2. Freedom of opinion, because it is not required to write something as objective as possible. We could write something in accordance with our own perspective. With a record as long as it does not harm others.
3. The blogger does not know the media center, media, newly constructed by the government to monitor the news worthiness.
4. No prisoner of time, because bloggers are not familiar with the term deadline. There is only how to govern themselves to discipline, consistent, willing to learn, etc..

Therefore I’m sure the indie bloggers will always be there. Because indie bloggers always be creative with your heart, independent and creative step. Indie blogger will always try to open another door when there is a closed door. While not denying it, the choice is in our hands. We are free to choose and decide for themselves, will become a blogger who like what we are.

Green Greetings …!

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