Indie or Not Indie

Just A Thought ..
I never asked about the question .. “Is it true indie musicians tend to have music that idealistic?”

Finally I wondered to myself? Actually what is the category of musician / non-indie indie music or ..? Then why do people always think indie musician identical with things like music that weird or not the market? So what actually meaning INDIE itself? What is the genre of music then? non label then? or what?

In fact there are a lot of musicians are so proud of her to INDIE .. Such a trend or some kind of POP Culture suddenly burst to the surface without the person knows what his essence. Basic essence that has been affected by public opinions that tend to absurd in assessing … thus no longer pure in assessing the MUSIC MUSIC .. finally “the label said” INDIE become a commodity that is not clear directions.

Basically .. My new 2-year plunge in the world of DIY(do-it-yourself) is after really want to produce their own albums, with minimal budget .. and prevent infertility creativity .. creativity needs a space to be channeled and get feedback … Such appreciation .. and the inner satisfaction of course ..

With all due consideration .. I just answer honestly that I myself do not know are taking such a public perception .. In my opinion .. every musician needs an independent soul .. in a sense have the freedom to define his music, presents music that could be accounted for by their own. Problems or non-label label is simply a matter of “distribution channels” are taken .. idealist idealist problem or not .. it certainly knows just musicians. Does it have to bring the idealistic meticulous music? or must be jazz? blues? progressive rock? Hohoho .. I felt I was so idealistic in making the song .. but my song pop song … then? if it does not include an idealist, because I play pop music? haha .. it’s so confusing .. I finally caught up with the questions that are not obvious this …

But anyway .. every musician has the responsibility of the music or any work produced. Music that is born is a result of the work of the mind and heart of every human being. Even the artwork, we can know the mood, expression, hearts, characters musician who plays / created it. And the music is very influential on the social environment of a community. Then .. if a perfunctory music made without any responsibility sides of presentation is played in bulk … industrial … What happened?

Well .. I’m not anti-major .. not anti-industry .. I only really care with the music .. especially my music .. undergo how difficult it is to reach an ideal and perfect point in presenting my music, either on stage or recording … Because .. I think my music is an honest work of art .. pure .. I made do not in any tendencies .. and I totally have the freedom in creating, producing, presenting music as a whole .. my work .. and receive all the benefits and drawbacks .. Independent … free … without the intervention of parties who interfere with our performance .. fortunately even those who helped us today are those who actually really care with our music .. not something beyond the music itself that it even makes us depressed .. oh .. C’mon … we just want to make music ..

so .. Indie or not indie .. it does not matter anymore for me .. i just Want To Dedicate my life to and trough the music .. be honest and be myself .. everyone has Their own path in this lovely world .. I’m just doing my part ..

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