Indie: Need Appreciation And Support

Indie is part of good art activity are realized in the form of music, painting, photography, to sport. Unfortunately, until now Indie is still marginalized. No exception, Indie music yan

Through a long journey that can not be separated from the globalization of information not to mention the internet, indie music is now starting to get a place in the hearts of the community. Currently, more than 20,000 recorded less indie band homeland. A potential wealth of Indonesia’s music that can not be underestimated.

Indie music seemed to be the answer for those who are getting bored with the trend of Indonesian music industry which is currently almost “dead” creativity. Inevitably, the biggest potential possessed Indie music is very natural creativity. Through a natural process that is born of new ideas that often become a trend setter.

Musical creativity of the nation can not doubt his greatness, and even our neighboring countries openly expressed concern on the ability of Indonesian musicians. Being scared is to be realized in the form of regulations for Indonesia’s music is not rampant in their country. It’s become evident there is no excuse for the government to close his eyes to go take a large role in the development of Indonesian music, especially indie music.

Necessary role of government
The need for the government’s role even though just offering a place for indie music as part of the nation’s children who need guidance and direction. Currently, they need the space for expression and indicating its existence. However, this nation needs the creativity of music that can lift the image of this country through the work that is loaded with the value of honesty is not just emotional moment for the sake of dollars.

Indie music has survived in the presence of a number of indie labels and indie communities scattered all over the country. It takes the role of government to be able to unite their strength in one container so they can grow and provide color to the development of country music. Stage or routine event at the regional and national level to be very meaningful to them. Creative ideas from their respective local governments to develop indie music was no less important.

The role of the private party was no less importance is needed. Although there are a number of parties that will begin to look through the organization of the potential of music Indie music scene, but the amount has not been able to exploit the existence of indie music to the max. Ancol Dream Park through the arena Urbanfest must acknowledge the difficulty of carrying the Indie to get sponsors. It took three years for the Ancol Dream Park until finally able to convince the private parties involved in the administration of Indie music.

The mass media gatekeeper
The existence of indie music will grow faster if the mass media play a part raised him. Whether through the preaching and the opportunity for them to show their work. Ironic, if the indie music should be sunk in the middle of “booming” live music television show today. In addition to mere entertainment, this nation also needs a sense of honest without “conditions” that could handcuff the children’s creativity.

This opportunity is more wide open with the advanced technology today that provides fresh air for the development of Indie music. Just look at the local indie bands in Bandung, which can survive with only their creativity armed with cyberspace. Not a few indie bands that managed to distribute the album in Asian countries to Europe. There are also bands that can penetrate the compilation of records abroad.

The most important thing that can be drawn from the existence of indie music is not mere idealism or self-reliance. A work produced naturally teaches us how the quality work is honest work without engineering. This value must be maintained by this nation to maintain its culture, that a quality of work can not be equated with dollars. This is the basis for Urbanfest Ancol to re-organize, not only providing the action stage, indie music but also other indie creativity. Indie as part of a culture of creativity and appreciation need suppor from all sides.

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