Indie Generation Embrace The World

From Bandung to New York, at the corner of Yogyakarta to Perth, they were crossed with independence while picking the sustenance of the hobby. The road they are indie-unwilling-independent bound on the industrial market. Their World as wide as the globe, attributed by the red string: creativity itself. Embrace them, Generation Indie, which is increasingly passing the universe. Come to Bandung, sometime. A time to look at the former military warehouse in South Warehouse Road-10 minute drive from the famous downtown Cipaganti. In the complex porous structure filled with dull, some young people spend their lives during the last five years. One corner of the warehouse-please check their magic into “nirvana creativity” for 347, this distro or distribution outlets, leading in Bandung, which has reached Perth, Australia, New Zeland, Singapore.

They rented a large enough piece of floor in a former warehouse that army. But Distro 347 heart pounding in one room of 35 meters of white-walled square. Contents, three designers, one laptop, a set of red drum music-usual beaten in the sidelines of boredom. One dispenser. Three tables, three chairs. That’s it. Ah, there are some graphic magazines. “This is where I play, the brain continues to flare up,” said Dendy Darman, 33, founder of distributions 347. Nearby, sitting Yuriza Kenobi. Anli Rizandi in another room, was punch-punch the phone.

From the room, from the warehouse, they sniff visual excursion trends in New York, London, Tokyo, while controlling the network 347. “What comes out in New York today, can we make on the same day in Bandung,” Dendy said casually. Thousands of works of graphic design, T-shirts to indie band album art, packaging T-shirts to bags crackle, born in the army warehouse. Industry-ass T-shirts ran imitate their designs, which managed to turn the community of lovers of indie product. At least, in the area of Bandung and its surroundings.

Now aged 10 years, according to Dendy turnover of approximately Rp. 347 700 million-Rp. 1 billion per month. Joking? Seriously! They employ approximately 50 employees. Showroom as well as his store is on the Way Trunojoyo and Jalan Citarum, Bandung. Part of the proceeds used to subsidize the indie community activities in various cities: a photo exhibition and design, stage music, magazine production.

Bandung was only one window to peek crackle indie community is increasingly spreading in various cities. Distro they exist everywhere. About 900 in Bandung, Jakarta 500s, and 60 more in Yogyakarta. Then, Makassar, Medan, Surabaya.

Perpetrators average young or start from a young age. There Chepoy, Andi Bogel, 24 years old. Jelita, 19, Olip Reynaldis, 23 years old. Choosing the road indie, independent, they are unwilling dictated the mainstream market in the affairs of industry products and creativity. Expressive, daring to be different, believe the whole world could be embraced, is some characteristic. They represent the most fun phenomenon of young people today: hobinomik. From hobby, money is harvested. From hobby, provision is invoked.
Hobinomik not an empty term.

Latest research results “Youthology”, which was held in Jakarta Ogilvy Public Relations, 2006, recording a pulse of life of our young children. So far, virtually no comprehensive research to describe the “anatomy” of young people of Indonesia-now about 44 million people or 20 percent of the population. “We only vaguely understand them,” said Wan Lie, a member of Ogilvy team.

Research was held in Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, Bekasi, Makassar, Medan and Yogyakarta. In total there are 385 pairs of respondents young people aged 15-24 years. They were interviewed in depth many times. Most of the respondents followed the rhythm of life intensively.

The result? Most respondents, 61 percent, live life with style DIY (do-it-yourself) and do what you love. In short, I really. Kumaha Aing, said people in Bandung. In essence, I can make clothes, shoes, music, accessories, movies, magazines. What are preferred. “Independent spirit, antikemapanan, became the main theme of young people,” said Wan Lie. And, hobinomik is the estuary.

The majority of respondents, 92 percent, the perpetrator or his relatives to know that picking the rupiah through a hobby. There are fashion designers, photography, cheerleader, website designer, guide music (disc jockey), to become an illustrator of animated films and modify the motor.

Search Tempo in field research confirmed the results of Ogilvy. Hobinomik fast moving, especially at community underground (underground). Distributions, which mushroomed in recent years, one of the benchmark. This young man typical shops scattered through the narrow alley, show off in the background, urban background.

Introduce, Jelita Dian Andini from Jakarta. Age 19 years. His hobbies drawing. This hobby he poured into the design of electric light clothing with a touch of fresh a la Harajuku, freestyle ala young Japanese. He takes on prom night (night school farewell), pensi (performing arts), the ad stars show a video clip of the band, until the pop singer search competition. He set the fashion of the teens before the stage. Jelita paid, of course-approximately Rp. 500 thousand per month from the affairs of polish-polish outfit.
He also could force people dug deeper into his wallet. Design clothes off over half a million dollars per piece. Last year, “I launched the clothing with labels Nii Productions,” said the lady with pride.
He and thousands of other young people who plunge themselves into the territory hobinomik shows one thing: the iron law of economics applies to all ages. Hobinomik market is wide open because there is demand. One thing, they are not going to dictate. Andy Bogel, 24, owner of Insomnia distributions in Kemang, South Jakarta, said: “Every T-shirt or shirt designs we’ve created a maximum of two dozen. Practice does not sell, just that much, “he told Tempo.

DIY philosophy of making young children were not easily attracted by the brand. “What is important is not the brand, but elo own style,” said Aztri Wulandari, 19, student Atmajaya University, Jogjakarta. Wearing branded clothes, other than expensive, too risky dikembari others. How much more clothes version Mangga Dua. “That dress a million people. Not really, deh, “said Aztri. As a result, distributions are hawking all kinds of needs of young children, clothing, music, movies, accessories, magazines-a fresh alternative.

Hobinomik even get a place.
Ideology also makes Jakarta I really no longer a mecca of youth trends. Most respondents Ogilvy research, 62 percent, said Sayonara to Jakarta as the center of the trend. Thanks to television and the Internet, the latest trends, both mainstream (mainstream) or underground (underground) in London, New York, Milan, Tokyo, could diendus any time.

Sayonara for Jakarta raise a hallmark of local flying. Collection distro in Yogya, for example, more daring designs, color more striking in the appeal of goods-output Jakarta and Bandung. “We is not possible to design the fashion style of the distro, mostly yellow-skinned people,” said Aditya Dhenni, owner of Mail Box Distro, Yogyakarta.

In the indie world, they celebrate diversity.
Gustaff Iskandar, manager of Bandung Center for Media Arts, believes the same opinion. “Young people are now better appreciate the difference,” he said. They grow and experience the impact of economic and political crisis, 1998. The works are varied their tactics to survive, survival. Borrowing the term Gustaff, “They are not bound by conventional norms.”
As a result, their work available to anyone. A fat, buntet, slim, black, yellow complexioned, all given a place. Kind of “antithesis” to the fashion industry that prioritizes the conventional model of “ground finch”: thin, tall, slim, flat-chested.
Gustaff also looked at young people now have more space for multi-identity. Morning so college kids, lunch at the club playing basketball, night musala participate in the study. ‘Clubbing’ at the nightclub was not a matter of taboo. The boxes to be flexible identity. “Everyone has become a unique and colorful individual,” Gustaff added.

In the rule looks, they also motor changes. Danny Satrio, editor of O magazine, confirmed that the youth of the 21st century is much more expressive and confident. “They’re not ashamed to appear, though still cethek expertise,” said Danny.
The juniors, most of them are the backbone of the indie generation, mostly born by the postwar generation. Their parents are witness Soeharto regime, which homogenizes many facets of life: a little off the mark branded subversive thinking. Educational level and economic growth. And the seniors never want their children and grandchildren grow up in ribbons. As a result, “They’re more democratic, more relaxed, more loosely supervise the children,” said Darmanto Jatman, cultural experts and psychologists in Semarang, Central Java.
Aspects of demography and pop culture can be used to photograph the changing character of youth as exemplified Darmanto above. Diennaryati Tjokrosuprihartono, specifically adolescent psychologist, in Jakarta, also believes that public confidence in making young people are now more rich and confident initiative.
Diennar also agree that the young millennium is more dynamic and have a lot of choices through life. But, “Not a few teenagers who caught drug, brawl, free sex, and suicide,” he said. Pendulum changes not only lead to the sunny side.

Remy Silado, Aktuil manager, a very popular magazine in the 70s, is one of the young people witness the changes. According to Remy, before the 60′s young people tend to parrot the trend overseas. Qiblah America is so thick up to at that time there Tangkiwood Gang-mime-Hollywood in West Jakarta, where the artists hang out. Groups when the noisy band imitating the style of Beatles. A Riyanto gig with the shout “ji, ro, lu, pat … Ow ..!”- shriek inspired John Lennon,” one, two, three, four …. … Ow! ”
Problem also imitate-copy fashion. Model clothes taken from the magazine his newly purchased home from overseas. Ever the film star James Dean fame skyrocketed with jeans macho. What power, in Bandung-Jakarta, this model has not been circulated. What is reasonable? “We came to a special tailor, looking most like cloth, making a pair of jeans,” said Remy. Poet Sutardji Chalzoum Bachri, said Remy recalled, the time it once proudly wore jeans van Bandung.

Then came the era of the 70s and 80s. Climate antikemapanan blowing punk style. Disharmony bands that come first, like the Velvet Underground and The Sex Pistols, became an idol. The young people began to style ngepunk with spiky hair-spirit that is still felt today. A few weeks ago a group of young punk-style police arrested at Denpasar: they sing the lyrics to the song that insults the police corps.
Climate-mimic echoes still strong until the 1990s until now. But hey, what’s in this world that one hundred percent original? According to Dendy Darman, the latest graphic design trends even cut and paste. Take a little from here, merge with it. Give seasoning creativity. Scratched …, be a fresh new style.

Young mecca of the 90s are also more widely. Group F-4 from Taiwan, manga (comic), Japan, the style of New York hip-hop, indie bands in London, the punk group in Germany. Yamasaki also extreme-sports clubs in urban areas of France. “So, there was a democratization of style,” said Danny Satrio. Vibration change is getting stronger by the media revolution.
Broadcasting technology. Digital devices. Computers and the Internet.
Capital of several tens of thousands of silver, the short film can be contrived, of course with cameras loan. This is different from the 70′s, said Remy Silado, when the young man dreamed of becoming a movie star.
In 1995, the music television station, MTV, hit Indonesia. Jargon “I really” brought to MTV fit well with a young spirit. MTV video clip showing diligent indie bands that do not take shelter under the recording industry giant.

And … be able to raise a young boy crazy. Sheila on 7, Slank, Endank Sukamti, Superman Is Dead, all success in the indie stage. “They became the inspiration for young kids,” said Danny Satrio.
It must be admitted, is not easy to be loyal to the indie music scene. When the flag was flying, people easily tempted to join the market tastes. Mainstream indie band switching stage, distributions switch to factory outlets. Market forces bulldoze the indie community is not a new story in the path of modern industry. Although there are only, like some young people in the warehouse soldiers, who tried to survive if possible. This piece Tempo chat with Dendy in space sits at Jalan Citarum, two weeks ago:
+ Ever consider alternatives to mass-produced items selling clothes?
– No. A maximum of 60 pieces per design. I am selling my attitude, rather than selling clothes.
+ Attitude siga kumaha, Kang. That how?
– Be yourself! Not fun if only quack.

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