Indie Film Development in Indonesia

The indie film activists from various cities in Indonesia has been widely shown work activity. There was no necessity for the activists was to first explore the techniques of cinematography. In accordance with an independent spirit, do not have any dependence on theories that have been established. But in several events indie film festival, they proved works very admirable in the eyes of the jurors who on average are masters-masters of cinematography Indonesia. Interesting to discuss how the development of indie films in Indonesia, and how these activists have recently become the motor of growth of the national film back.

In academic and film artists, Jakarta Arts Institute (IKJ), an independent film is more known as a short film. As acknowledged Gotot, about naming the term is indeed diverse. Some people call indie film, independent, and also a short film. Even among film artists in Yogyakarta, this kind of film a movie called ‘puppet’. The term ‘puppet’ is adopted from an understanding of past movies that mention the movie star (artist) as a ‘puppet children’ so that if the type of film is regarded as a kind of discourse, Gotot let the terminology was developed freely. If only pegged to the term indie, so people can later be linked with past films of Indonesia. If the call independent, could be an independent person would question the matter of what. Until now, Gotot which often become short film jury at the national or international level, still use the term short films. Furthermore, Gotot adding that the history of Indonesian short film itself moves beyond the existing film industry. But in reality, short films Indonesia now has a lot of attention and appreciation from abroad. Number of forums such as the overseas film festivals inviting short films to be shown and discussed. Thus, the short film has become the public relations for the Indonesian film industry, replacing the Indonesian mainstream films that are less speaking in international forums.

Seeing flashback movement independent short film or movie can be started from the beginning, namely the seventies when the establishment of the Jakarta Arts Council, Taman Ismail Marzuki (DKJ-TIM) and the first film education in Indonesia. At that time, gaining popularity 8 mm film media that commonly used by communities. DKJ-TEAM make Mini Film Competition who accommodate the emergence of short films made by amateurs, the artists outside the film, and students including students of cinematography Jakarta Arts Education Institute (LPKJ, which later turned into IKJ). Of race and incessant activity DKJ-TEAM held a week of short films and alternative, the first movement led by young people who call themselves “Cinema Eight ‘. This movement tried to bring up the works with the media 8 mm film with a great spirit to challenge the ordinance filmmaking in Indonesia’s film industry was experiencing an extraordinary boom (one year average amounted to 125 titles). Unfortunately only with the spirit of capital, this movement could not survive long. Not many people involved in the movement, but only a handful of film students LPKJ. This movement he was not more than one year, although its members have produced several short films.

In the early eighties, appeared ‘Short Film Forum (FFP) was initiated by many people, especially with the merger of several artists outside the film and also from the film industry as well as young children, UI students, Teachers’ Training College, and who had also IKJ make the film work. This forum is enough to create a national issue and a lot to do film screenings and film appreciation to the Medan, Bali, and Lombok. As a movement, quite sturdy and capable inventory of the works of short films. FPP also formulate short films as an alternative and independent films. This forum is actively engaged in the early eighties until the mid-eighties. Mission FPP is the art of movement through the motion picture film and exploration abroad. At the time this is the start of the film short film Indonesia participated in various festivals abroad. In the mid-nineties, emerging movement ‘Guerrilla Cinema’, a term that was brought up by Seno Gumira Adjidarma, a writer and observer of the film that reacts to the decline of national film production. Seno extreme view that the alternative film production is only fitting to replace the position of national films. At this time, although the Indonesian film production subsided, instead there are some movies that are categorized sidestream or art films a lot of talk in the international forum. Therefore, it is proper spirit ‘Guerrilla Cinema’ should be raised (Prakosa ,2001:10-13).

Short film-related short stories, but significantly greater, as happened in the world of visual art, has undergone various exploration of form and creation which produces a very distinctive style. The work of Luis Buñuel, Maya Deren, and works created by Stan Brakhage or Andy Warhol has further commented with MTV style compared to what was done previously in the main-stream film production. Filmmakers such as Stan Brakhage who are interested in the process of piling-stacked images rather than creating effects, but many realize the symbolic value, as occurs in self-reflection and realize with the equipment to be manipulated and delivered in a visual language. Some short filmmakers to position itself very stylistic as well as Andy Warhol’s minimalist. Actually, his position very clear style as opposed to the positioning of its content, that the experience of his films are commented in the medium exceeds the interpretation of the environment or the world in general. (Prakosa, 2001: 25-26).

If observed, it turns out many independent films we are already victorious abroad. Call it, for example, the film works of Nana Istiabudhi Hope Revolution who got the Gold Medal for the Amateur category in The 39th Brno Sexten International Competition of Non-Comercial Featur and Video in the Republic of Czechoslovakia (1998). Novi film also filmed Asep Kusdinar nominated in Henry Langlois Film Festival, France (1998).

In the Singapore International Film Festival (1999), five short films competing Indonesia took part, namely the film works Asep Kusdinar Novi, Jakarta 468 works of Ari Ibnuhajar, A Song filmed Eric Gunawan, Revolution of Hope Nana Istiabudhi creations, and Bring Home the fruit of the work I Lono Abdul Hamid .

These independent films representing Indonesia in international forums. In addition to these films, there are many more movies that show off overseas. If today people talk about the rise of independent film crowded, its roots actually been around since the seventies. If this phenomenon is a movement, it could be the future growth of independent films do not last long because just a moment in accordance with the spirit of a movement. However, when independent film was used as a common attitude, as Manifasto Oberhausen (1962), Declaration of Mannheim (1967), Hamburg Declaration (1979), and the Munich Declaration (1983), an independent film Indonesia could be the pre-condioning for revival of cinema new Indonesian (JiFFest term) as a whole.

In addition to aspects of the mission and the cultivation, independent films, were usually not pegged to duration unlike most major films. In some indie festival events, often the films are delivered not long lasting, but the time slot is only about 10-25 minutes. Why is that? Independent films do not involve strong investor so as to produce it does not have to wait for liquid funds of a conglomerate or a businessman. For indie film activists, if they have funds to buy cassette, eat / drink during production to editing it, felt was enough. Sometimes players are not paid. The tools used also do not have to use a movie camera or a camera Supercam VHS, Betacam, or digital cameras are now more trendy. Sometimes with cameras camcorders became.

In developed countries such as Mexico, Australia, America, Germany, France, Britain, Iran, and Japan, indie filmmakers increasingly gain a place in the hearts of the audience. For instance Iran, Islamic state is famous for humanist films . Though packaged in indie film frame, they are able to make a good movie to watch and implied value of humanity. Not infrequently their films get rave reviews from the world community as in the prestigious event, the Academy Award, several times nominated Iranian film.

By understanding the above description, there is no understanding that making movies is a monopoly of the owners of capital. Indie film phenomenon should be encouraging the beginner to wrestle filmmaking. If his work interesting, of course confident such bodies could help to send it to international forums. In correspondence, filmmakers, young filmmakers can get in touch with similar organizations in various parts of the world for independent film makers did not own. Almost all over the world, people have the same rights to independent films, because so independent this independent film.

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