Getzen 900s Eterna Classic Professional Silver Trumpet Design

Trumpet 60s style is starting by Getzen, with 900s Eterna label. The design classic that is the attraction for the trumpet. After 40 years of producing professional trumpet Getzen trumpet re-introduce this product.

Another advantage is it can be said trumpet intonation excellent.

Construction of this trumpet has a Key of Bb. .460 “Bore, yellow brass bell, mouth pipe by nickel silver, nickel silver inside tuning slides, 1st slide saddle, adjustable 3rd slide ring, silver-plated finish. Includes valve oil.

Following specifications:
Getzen 900s Eterna Classic Professional Silver Trumpet Features:

Featuring the original design specifications of the popular 1960s Eterna 900
Key of Bb 460 “bore
Yellow brass bell
Nickel silver mouthpipe
Nickel silver inside tuning slides
1st slide saddle
Adjustable 3rd slide ring
Sliver-plated finish

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