Film Production Execution

This stage is where most of the team work to work. A director, producer or line producer is required reliability to overcome the crew in each of these stages. Some important factors to consider are:

a. Field Management
Field management includes several things:
• Management of the location (licensing, security, safety)
• Talent coordination (coordinating costumes, makeup, etc.)
• Time management (coordination of consumption, speed of work, provision of equipment)
• Crew coordination (coordination of the crew)

Attitude work is very important. Patience, understanding and cooperation is the attitude it takes to achieve success. Pray before work and briefing before the start of a good thing to unite the spirit, vision and desired attitude. Do not ever lose emotional control at the time of filming. Moreover, all working with limited time.

b. Shooting Activities
This stage is the stage where the mastery director, DOP, and the crew is crucial. The image quality is always our destination. Therefore, the mastery of the camera and lightning very important. To achieve maximum results with the tools we use, there are some things we need to know.
1. Outdoor Shooting
Suppress normal outdoor shooting the budget, but must be careful to do it because it depends from the weather during filming done. Some who have to be prepared when shooting outdoors are:
a. sunlight (hard, soft)
b. reflector (silver, gold)
c. artificial rain
d. camera settings (Irish, speed, white balance, focus)
e. crowd control (working with extras)

2. Indoor Shooting
Controlled indoor shooting faster than the outdoor shooting, but the required equipment is quite complete. Among others:
a. use simple lighting
b. use of filters
c. makeup
d. election back ground
e. monitor

3. Visual effects
Some tricks are easy to do to make video look more attractive, among others:
a. reserve motion
b. fast motion (normal lipsync)
c. slow motion (normal lipsync)
d. crhoma key (blue screen)
A few other things at the time of production also need to note are:
• food / logistics
• equipment rental
• Movies
• Transportation
• accommodation
• telecommunications
• documentation
• medical


This stage is the stage of final settlement of all shooting activities that have been implemented previously. Error on time shooting some may be resolved at this point.
a) Editing
Cooperation is necessary director and editor. Editing a movie requires a sense, therefore, required an understanding emotion to be edited. Understanding of the software used is also very helpful editing maximum results. Some are conducted, among others:
o capturing (optimization)
o file format
o feel
o coloring
o fades and cuts
o quality of the image (film look)
b) Selection of the final format
The format of the end of the film must be in accordance with an agreed during pre production.
Some of the reference work, and included in the budget post-production work is:
1. Lab / editing space
2. Editor
3. Mixer
4. Sound, director, engineer
5. Telecine
6. Consumption
7. Transportation
8. Telecommunication
9. Mastering
10. poster

Surgical Film (The Making Of)
Is a discussion about the making of the film during the pre to post.

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