Cinematography Role

Here are some explanations about the profession that cinematography is the process of filmmaking:

Was the person most responsible for the birth of a film. A central figure is the figure producer who runs a film production. Not with money but with a vision. Because with vision capital he can decide whether the story could be developed into a film layer width, the ability to be possessed, namely: managing finances, finding funds, talking with potential investors, bringing together a number of people to the occurrence of a number of films. The producers are the people who work early until the end of the film production. This means that a producer must have an extremely complex ability of all the existing sections underneath to make him capable of managing a movie.

Production Manager
Working daily production manager basin coordinator who organizes the work and maximize the potential that exists in all departments. In the production of a film. Is in charge of production operations begin pre production stage until the production ended. Every day he made a checklist and list what has been undone, while anticipating problems that might arise and prepare alternative solutions.

Film director
Even this profession often become the ideals of many people. The sharpness of vision is necessary in order to turn the story to be enjoyed on the big screen. He who should control the dramatic and artistic aspects during the production process takes place. He also must lead the whole crew and artists to realize the film. The director is the story teller through the medium of film is far more important than of understanding about film itself. Ability to lead, communication, vision, attitude, and understanding about life is also required.

I Asisiten director
Ditahap pre-production, it takes one to help the director to translate the results into a treatment director script breakdown and shooting schedule. This person is given a predicate asissten director I, which discusses all these people need shooting and production manager.

Penilis scenario must be able to say something obvious. Understanding the intent of the story. Understand the purpose of the story (played same as arsirek to build the story), wrote the scenario is the collaborative work done by the author who had the same vision, in this case the director and producer.

Executive producer
Being the executive producer is required managerial skills, ability to manage budgets. Leadership, and communication. His job is to motivate and vision for the film, working during the production process takes place. Its main task is to maximize production in the form of film.

Stylist camera / photography (DOP)
Mastering the story, familiar tools, know how to tell you something, can determine the depiction of the story. Master the lighting techniques. Mastering the ability to make managerial and communication networks and have a good relationship with the director.

A man was menoprasikan camera. A camera person must know the ins and outs of the camera so that it can pour the desired visual director.

Production design
Required as asissten director sets the tone and warana that appear in the film. Production design will translate creative director and designed it. It required extensive knowledge, creative and technical production for someone desian capable director wishes poured into the design that is easy to understand each head of department.

Costumes and makeup stylist
Can be occupied by a male or female. Associated with the camera, so it should discuss all of the stylist a picture. Understanding the character of the figures. Assists the director turn on character, not just the players dress. Working in teams, have a working system, kemempuankomunikasi, work hard and do not easily panic.

Someone in charge of the lighting has a significant role, because the picture quality of a shot will get better if the light used well ordered.

Image editor / editor
Conditions became editor is patience. Having the ability to tell stories, music, neat and diligent record. This is far more important than the ability to use computers. Able to communicate with directors. Decisions on the editing room is based on the needs of the story and the audience needs consideration.

Sound and music stylist stylist
In Indonesia, the audio element is not a priority. Though the film not only takes pictures, which is why his name se3bagai movie audio visual media. Inin profession is a work of art but it requires engineering skills. This profession in accordance with those who love the technology. In working on the film in accordance with the script. In the insert or remove noise can use the music library, you can also browse, with the requirement to include in the title credits.

They are the figures that there is a need in the scenario and filming. Kebituhan adalha them on the festival organizers that they can see the quality of their performance when on the screen and be able to compare them with other film quality. In addition, as a means of learning them to know the various characters in the film. And the opportunity to meet with other film workers to develop the network.

Publication requires communication strategies, while promoting more on activities to advertise in the media as much as possible. Publication allows the prospective audience for the film to be informed about him watching. In a sense he would know more than what the movie title. With a good stratergic publication can also be a savior who may be a bad movie.

Festival organizers
The festival was born because the audience needs a forum discussion, appreciation, offer a distinct point of view and also show an alternative. Actually the offer is what makes the festival becomes important. Mastering the master strategy of the audience. Many other festivals are no place to interact and learn. Number of this event as well as a place to expand the network to other film actors.
Several kinds of actors in the movie does not mean just a few that are there. But can be very diverse and many. It depends on the level of need and difficulty making of the film.

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