Chris Adler Signature Launches Mapex Black Panther Snare Drum

Mapex USA announced the new output snare a given signature by drummer Chris Adler of Lamb Of Gods with the theme of the Black Panther, its design alone in racik by Adler. Signature Graphic specs on wallnut shell designed by him too, then the chosen Aquarian drum heads with high quality.

His drum shell measuring 12 × 5.5, 5.1 mm and 2.3 mm mapex powerhoops. Hardware side chrome clad in black, there is a label identifying the side that reminds the owner that snare.

‘This time the size of the drum in the mix with a high tension, high energy that created a unique, high pitch’ clear Adler agreed shortly after the first prototype of the Black Panther gliding. Chris Adler Signature is priced at $ 522.99

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